How to get more sales for my business?

As many online businesses require you to make outbound sales efforts, you may be wondering “Where do I find leads/emails for prospecting?”. Prospecting is when you approach potential customers with your pitch and make an effort to sell them something. But sometimes it can be hard to find the next person you are going to target. We have a solution for anyone who is looking for up-to-date emails, phone numbers and social media accounts for prospects. What you need is a LEAD FINDER.

We recommend D7 lead finder for finding emails, phone numbers and social media for outbound sales efforts. For anyone needing to find more clients for their business, this is the solution. We have experimented with this software and love it. It’s great for people selling SEO, PPC or Social Media advertising as it tells you if they are ranking high, or have active paid advertising. It also allows you to export the data you enter for your industry and location, to a .csv or spreadsheet form. This way you can sift the data to find the highest quality prospects.

How much does it cost?

D7 lead finder costs €27.66 for starter plan, €49.19 for agency plan and €98.39 for professional plan per month. The key points are starter allows 10 searches per day, agency allows 30 and professional allows 100. We recommend starting with the starter then building your way up when you learn the ropes. It’s a really intuitive software that allows almost anyone to find more leads for their business.

How to use it to get more clients for your business?

D7 is mainly designed for outbound sales efforts. Once you find the highest quality prospects’ email, phone number and social media, you make an effort to contact them on any medium listed and try and sell your product or service. We recommend cold emailing, cold calling and leveraging social media messaging platforms.

Final thoughts…

Overall, ever since we learned about what a lead finder can do for our business, it took a lot of weight off our shoulders. It allows us to constantly have a stream of prospects to contact. No more “Who do I call?”, you will always have a steady flow of potential leads. Enjoy!

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